For those of us who think outside the box.  For those who will not allow time to just pass any which way it pleases, but on a path we have uniquely crafted for it tailoring our needs one tick at a time. This watch reads and travels counter clockwise as the numbers are positioned backwards on the dial. Eclectic has “TIME IS MINE” in print with it’s mirror image on the dial; it is available in a 46mm diameter, with black rubber straps.  Here is a video of how your new favorite watch works: Eclectic Counterclockwise TIme Piece Video


For every product sold a portion of the proceeds go towards scholarships that you are eligible for.  Simply email and tell us why it is your time in life for a chance to win.  Our goal with the scholarship is to provide people with the financial opportunity to fund their dream.  Maybe you are an aspiring photographer, who can't afford a camera, or someone who is driven to go to Medical School, but can't afford the study material for the placement exam.  Whatever your passion is, we understand you may not have the capital, to fund it right now and we want to help you with that.


This watch is Made in France.


Water Resistant

Case Material

Case Size

Band Material

Type of Crystal


Shower resistant

Stainless steel



Mineral Glass



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