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Hair Rejuvenation

Hair Rejuvenation

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(1) 4.2 fl oz (125ml) Elixir

(1) 0.5 fl oz (15ml) Enhancer

Instructions:  Instructional Video -  Apply 10 literally small drops(NOT SQUIRTS) of the small bottle, and Eight squirts (up to the line) of the large bottle( Each squirt should be done one at a time and then massaged in). Don't worry this formula isn't something you have to apply everyday for the rest of your life.  We recommend using our formula daily until you are happy with the fullness/length, and then using it for three days a week after that. The goal of our solution is to heal and maintain the health of the skin, if you heal the skin you heal the hair.  The skin needs the nutrients found in our formula in order to maintain and rejuvenate the hair.  Individual results may vary as each individuals skin health is different. Skin health is not age based. 

Hair Types: Different hair types require different nutrients.  Black people and individuals with very curly hair should also consider using any natural oil like castor oil or any vitamin oil in addition with our formula will assist in moisturizing the scalp to allow for maximum hair rejuvenation(Yes, it will actually help). Apply any one of them after applying our formula. If you are not a person of color, you may or may not have to add any of those extra oils, but the oils will increase the speed of your hair rejuvenating.  None of our products have to be washed out directly after applying.

Wigs:  If possible, please do not wear a wig while using our formula.  Wear a head wrap until you are comfortable wearing your natural hair outside. Wigs cause individuals to lose their natural hair under the wig.  Hair needs as much oxygen as possible, but scarves, preferably natural scarves are okay.

Fuller Beard: I recommend 2 literal drops of the Elixir on each side of the cheek and one on the chin to be massaged in for 2 minutes.  Next, 4 squirts of the big bottle up to the line, 2 on each side of the cheek and massage it in.  1 squirt on the chin up to the line and massage in even under the neck.  Massage any oil (coconut, castor, Vitamin A,D, E, etc) directly after applying our formula for a more moisturized and healthier beard.  Do this regularly until your beard is where you would like it to be. 

IngredientsBotanical Blend Hair Complex (A Proprietary Extract Blend of Lavender, Rosemary, Horsetail, Ginger, Peppermint), Vitamin E, Purified Water, Grain Alcohol,  Aloe, Hops, Burdock, Marigold, Shepherd’s Purse, Lemon Balm, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin b12, Vitamin K

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