Why I got started....


         When they announced I would be graduating with my undergrad degree, I didn't even want to attend the ceremony.  And I especially didn't want to attend it when I received my Master's degree.  I always kept telling myself, what am I celebrating, I am not even where I want to be in life, celebrate for what?  I have always had a mentality that I would be greater than what I saw in my neighborhood.  Growing up, it was difficult wearing a dress shirt and tie and neighbors looking at me like, "where is he going", "must think he is gonna be something some day".   From those days I vowed to attempt to show people they were capable of more, despite the discouragement they may receive from their peers. So I started giving talks in high schools, then colleges, then overseas.   And I realized people wanted more from life, whether it be a parent, or a child.  But as humans, sometimes we don't realize that our circle may not always be able to provide that magic bullet and tell us what we need to hear, sometimes the power needs to come from within.  So to remind you that you are capable of more and the power comes from within, I created Me O'clock watches and apparel, so even saying the mere name reminds you that it's your time and you are capable of more.  Every time you put Me O'clock on, and every time someone addresses what you're wearing.



Bachelor's - Anthropology/Biology/Chemistry

Master's     - Neuroscience

PhD:           - Neuroscience - Current

Founder of Me O'clock








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