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Me O’clock is stylish and trendy everyday wear. When you present a Me O’clock watch you are representing yourself; you are telling the world “this is me and it’s my time”. When everyone has a Me O’clock watch there will be a massive movement of positive change globally because people will invest their time wisely on the things that would assist them in their personal growth as individuals. Change starts with the individual. If you want to see positive changes in your families, communities, jobs, schools, cities, countries, it all begins with you. You have to be on the ball and on top of your game 120 hours per week. If we all had this mentality, the world will make that shift in a positive direction.

This is our philosophy:

Ever rely on a rubber band around your finger to remind you to make an important call, send an email or prepare for a meeting?  Better yet, notes all around the house with little messages to yourself saying, “don’t forget to write the paper”, “walk the dog”, or “wash the dishes.” The end result is usually the obvious, the house smells terrible, you don’t have clean clothes for work, you probably wrote your paper and washed the dishes, but you forgot to pick up your kids on time because you were to busy picking up dog poop.  The truth is, life can be frustrating at times, and often we may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get anything accomplished.

Me O’clock designed a unique watch that serves as a constant reminder that every passing minute is a chance to turn things all around for yourself.  Whether you are a student who has chosen not to hang out so much to focus on your studies.  A parent who has decided that being a parent doesn’t necessarily mean completely sacrificing every dream you ever had.  Or even a workaholic, who finally decides that a relaxing break is on the menu.  Me O’clock is here to tell you it is okay that you constantly fight to find a balance between what you want to do, and what you should be doing.  For one thing, the amount of new stimuli we encounter every minute is mind boggling in comparison to our ancestors.  According to Eric Schmidt, humans have created five exabyte’s of information since the beginning of time up until 2003.  An exabyte is one billion giga bytes or 1 with eighteen zeroes after it.  In the year 2010, the human race was generating five exabyte’s every two days.  In 2013, the number was five exabyte’s produced every ten minutes… It’s no wonder we’re exhausted and have so much trouble deciding what is and isn’t a priority with constant influxes of data pouring in.

Nevertheless, it’s better to be on the bottom of a ladder you want to be on, rather than on the middle of a ladder you don’t.  Some of us are afraid to get off the ladder we are on because of how far we have come in a craft, or how far we will have to go to move further or enter another one.  Although time is the only thing we can measure, sell, save and buy, but we cannot see it, touch it, hear it or ever have enough of it; doesn’t mean we should fear it or waste it.

Studies show that constantly pulling out your cell phone to tell the time not only limits your battery life, but also wastes time. On average people use their cell phone 150 times per day for a minimum of 10 seconds per session.  That equates to 1,500 seconds, that is 25 minutes minimum per day, or, about 3 hours per week, better yet, 6 days and 6 hours a year. Using your cell phone alters your state of mind as well; it takes approximately ten minutes to regain focus on what you were doing previous to the engagement with your mobile device. Wearing a watch saves you time with a simple flick of the wrist and allows you to maintain focus on work, school, projects, obligations, and commitments.  Me O’clock aids in accomplishing your goals; it is not just a watch, it’s a mindset and a way of life.

We as people want to make it to the next level and in order to climb the ladder to success escalator style, we need to have a sense of reassurance, something to show us the way, Me O’clock provides the guide lines.  Every time you look at your watch you are reminded that it is your time; it is a motivational tool suggesting that the sky is not the limit, since there are footprints on the moon.

When you are on a plane you are given a safety presentation in case of an emergency.  The flight attendant typically says, “when your life support mask comes down, you should put your own oxygen mask on first, and then help your child or others”. According to this model, you must make sure you are stable before you can aid and assist others.  Me O’clock derives the same notion, as it reminds you to work toward your own development so that you can serve as an example of success and inspire others to do the same. You become the rule, not the exception, to your community.

Me O’clock allows you to wish things into existence by essentially empowering you with a tool to get you ahead.  Simply believing that you have done something in your mind can actually provide the body with positive stimuli that it is, and has been achieved.   For example: a study was done where a track runner ran a race in his mind as he sat in a test chair, the same neurons fired off in his legs and arms as if he were physically running the race.  Displaying that the mind believes it is engaged in what you tell it is engaged with, due to hormones and other chemical messengers released within the body.

So if you have ever wondered what is holding you back from reaching your goals, simply take a look at that mirror mirror on the wall, and ask not the mirror, but the reflection, how can I take my life to the next level?  Granted, taking it to the next level is important, we should seek to do things that we are passionate about since money cannot buy happiness.  For if you ask any older wealthy individual what they would like to buy; most will reply, time.  So live everyday like it’s your last, but plan like you will live forever, because your best year’s, are yet to come.  It’s Me O’clock.