How Athletics helped me get a PhD October 09 2014

The only reason I went to a four year college for undergrad was to get a championship ring.  I was supposed to play basketball for my scho 

Scientist to Promoter September 21 2014

Someone has to show the people that you can go from the most educated person in the class room, to one of the most popular people in the club.

Productivity rubs off July 17 2014

You gotta be with the movers and shakers, but movers and shakers can sense a leech quick, make sure you have something to offer someone besides an opinion.  Offer them a plan, offer them something they can't get on their own, then and only then will

You don't know my struggle July 16 2014

I never thought I would meet Yandy Smith, she and her team are extremely busy.  And with a PhD and a company to run, my time is limited as well but then

Science Vs. Religion July 07 2014

A Scientist and Priest had a conversation about evolution and society and concluded that, "Religion is a culture of faith; and science is a culture of doubt."  What do you think?

He realized it was his time June 27 2014

As Patrick walked to work this morning he sat on the steps just before rush hour in New York and....

Who works on Me O'clock and what do they do? May 15 2014

You may ask yourself why we offer our services,  well it's because we know what it's like to have no where to turn, people know where to go when they want to party, hang out or act crazy, but who do they talk to when they want to advance their career?

Could it be hard work pays off April 13 2014

the package was returned the same way it left.  To our astonishment it was sent back as "return to sender" because his team unfortunately refused the package because they didn't know who we were.  Boy o boy did that hurt.  A year and half later we met Steve Harvey and actually presented him with a watch to honor his accomplishments. 

The Birth of Me O'clock April 10 2014

It would remind people to finally focus on themselves, and as opposed to checking their phone and losing a % of battery life and getting distracted, they could just flick their wrist. (As you know every % of battery life on your phone is crucial, if I can save 5%, I'm happy). 

Why I got started.... December 19 2013

I realized people wanted more from life, whether it be a parent, or a child.  But as humans, sometimes we don't realize that our circle may not always be able to provide that magic bullet and tell us what we need to hear

Importance of vision, planning for your goals, networking and recognizing myopic visionaries August 20 2013

Vision is thinking beyond the scope of your everyday reality towards a bigger purpose, it is beyond day dreaming.  Vision is actively seeing your goals come to fruition even when present realities may not support.

Me O’clock Real TIME with Dr. Bernice B. Rumala, PhD, M.A., Ed.M, M.Phil June 06 2013

I am often asked by individuals at different stages about how I got to where I am.  So I will be using this MeO’clock Real TIME platform to discuss my journey, life’s experience and provide what I hope will be helpful tips in personal and professional development.  My first entry will be focused on providing you a brief look into my professional background as presented at a recent academic conference. ...
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