The Birth of Me O'clock

       As I gave talks to 100s of people across New York City I realized most people had one thing in common. They new they were capable of more, but just needed a little encouragement.   So I pondered how I could help people realize they were capable of more without actually speaking directly to them or emailing them regularly.  No matter how many talks someone has with others, the real change or the ability to comes from within an individual first.  My dilemma was how do I remind people that if they want something to change, it is up to them.  I didn't want people to put rubber band around their finger to remind them to pursue more, I needed something more contemporary.  On a semi-crowded train one day  and my phone battery dieing as usual, I thought why not a watch with the word "Me".  It would remind people to finally focus on themselves, and as opposed to checking their phone and losing a % of battery life and getting distracted, they could just flick their wrist. (As you know every % of battery life on your phone is crucial, if I can save 5%, I'm happy).  What we have to understand is that motivation is like bathing, the same we bathe daily, is the same way we have to re motivate ourselves.  There are a lot distractions these days, so why not remind yourself of your mission each time you wear our products.  Is it your time to be great, because it's Me O'clock.

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