Who works on Me O'clock and what do they do?

    Our founder Jamie Parker, and one of the unforeseen hands behind Me O'clock who creates many of the graphics you see on our page, Natalia. Both are published scientist.  One is working on their PhD, the other has 3 scientific publications and counting, and is in charge of an animal facility.  People make power moves everyday.  With as much energy as we look for the bad in someone, we must be sure to look for the good in people, as well.  If you know someone who may be unsure of their career path, shoot us an email so we can help guide them, Hi@meoclock.com.  You may ask yourself why we offer our services,  well it's because we know what it's like to have no where to turn, people know where to go when they want to party, hang out or act crazy, but who do they talk to when they want to advance their career?  That is why Me O'clock is here, to remind you that you are capable of more.


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