He realized it was his time

           As Patrick walked to work this morning he sat down on the New York subway steps and realized it's his time.  He is tired of waiting for people to hook him up, tired of waiting for his job to give him a promotion.  He realized, if he wants something in life, he is going to have to go get it, one way or another.  All it takes is being tired of being in your situation to realize you want, or are capable of more, all it takes is being strong enough to ask someone for a little help or guidance.  Legend has it as a person passed by they heard Patrick say it's Me O'clock just as the picture was taken.  When asked what Me O'clock means, he replied, "it means it's my time, and it's a way to remind me that I'm capable of more." He encouraged the individual to visit Meoclock.com so they could realize it's their time.

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