You don't know my struggle

Here is a picture of me and Yandy Smith, she is currently starring in a new movie, and has played on Love and Hip which airs on Vh1. My name is Jamie Parker, I thought I would post this because some people think I was born into a good position in life.  When someone is doing good you often don't hear about the times when they were doing bad.  So I post this to show you that with hard work you can achieve anything.  I will have you know I unfortunately did not receive an email back from Yandy's main person, but I totally understand because she is beyond busy.  I met Yandy at an event where two different people invited me to.  We spoke, and she is excited to work with Me O'clock.  She is an amazing person who is really down to earth.  Two years ago, the people who I talk to now, I couldn't reach because everyone I was close to were either Doctor's or Scientists for the most part.  Since then, I have branched out and have become more familiar with the entertainment and fashion industry.  You see, no matter how many names you drop it doesn't matter because it doesn't guarantee a response.  You have to do the leg work, you have to be there and have people believe in you.  If you have a dream, I can guarantee your friends know who can help with your dream, but they won't introduce you to who you need to know unless they can see in your eyes that you are determined beyond a doubt.  Once your friends see your determination they will do anything for you.  But you must attack your dreams with intensity and show your friends whether they help you or not, you will succeed.  The funny thing is though, I grew up with Yandys cousin, and he didn't tell me she was his cousin, and he saw me post about the brand and everything.  But Im not mad at him at all, that just showed me I haven't done enough for him to trust me with his contacts.  I have a lot to learn, but I am willing to learn.   So in summary I met Yandy last month and honestly forgot I even sent an email to her team because minutes after I sent it I got a phone call from my neighbor telling me a drunk driver on New Years hit my parked car and it was totaled.  I didn't know I sent this email until I actually spoke with Latoya and shot her another email.  Latoya, Jewell and Yandy are all blessings.  I hope this short story motivated you continue on, also check my instagram or Facebook to verify the car accident happened on Jan 1st.  Im going try to keep it honest with you guys. xoxo

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