Scientist to Promoter


After a long day of hanging with current and future doctors yesterday.  I decided to do some promoting for Me O'clock watches in the club.  Even though the Doctors house I was at was like a mansion, I want several mansions, and I don't want to be confined to one hospital or school, so I grind to build a platform so I can travel from one city to the next effortlessly......  The problem with life is you are taught to be humble, and not to aspire.  They want aspiration to be held for a select few.  But I will teach you how to get money this way, or that way.    O, you have money? Who have you supported besides yourself?  If you don't have enough disposable income to toss to a friend in need then you don't have money like that my friend.  I never had friends or family with super bread so I decided to become that friend with money and connects to assist in the next mans growth.   

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