Importance of vision, planning for your goals, networking and recognizing myopic visionaries

We have all heard the saying that dreams do come true.  However, it requires vision, planning, hard work and networking.  Vision is thinking beyond the scope of your everyday reality towards a bigger purpose, it is beyond day dreaming.  Vision is actively seeing your goals come to fruition even when present realities may not support.  I had a vision for using my leadership strengths for being a change agent for institutions, health equity, and diversity and inclusion.  Through steady purposeful planning, hard work, and faith my vision which was first a thought written on paper was realized into founding and leading several initiatives for health and education equity.  So how do you go towards the first steps of your vision?  You have to start with writing it down.  There is power in putting your thoughts and plans to paper since the words become a physical manifestation and a first step towards committing to the vision.  Next, you have to actively plan, this means doing your research and homework in terms of how to make this vision come to fruition.  In this stage, beware of those with myopic vision.  I coined the term myopic vision to define those who are short-sighted and may not see the big picture in terms of your vision as clearly as you do.  I also refer to them as myopic visionaries.  Handle myopic visionaries with understanding while staying focused on your goal. Most importantly, internalize the good information shared from both myopic and big visionaries.  So, what makes a myopic visionary?  Often times myopic visionaries transfer their personal journey on the individual and if the vision did not work for them they feel it will not work for the individual.  However,  each person has an individualized journey and purpose and must stay focused on the bigger purpose and not be discouraged by short-sighted individuals.  I have converted a few myopic visionaries in my path and you can too!  Lastly, it is important to network towards your vision.  I love a concept I read in the wall street journal some years back on recruiting your own personal board of directors , that is, people who are invested in your success who can continue to cheer for you especially in the midst of obstacles.  So, remember, dreams do come true with vision, planning and networking.
I speak more on professional development in a television interview on OPEN with Dr. Bob Lee WBLS radio personality here:


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